Igrade Plus is an online grade book that is used by our Primary, Intermediate, Junior High and Secondary teachers. Igrade Plus allows parents to take an active role in their child’s progress.

Each parent creates a free account they can then access their child’s grades online anytime they like. You can also contact the teacher through Igrade Plus. With Igrade Plus there is no excuse for the parent to not know how their child is doing in the classroom.

Igrade Plus requires a free account to be created. In order to create the free Igrade Plus account you will need to have a student code. The student code is given to the parent by their child’s teacher through email or mailed in a letter to the parent with information on setting up their account.

Parents can be informed of discipline problems, homework, assessment testing, reminders, or student tutoring. Also Igrade Plus records the time and date that parents activate and use their account. Daily tracing their child’s progress keeps a parent informed both academically and of any discipline behavior.

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Grading System

A+ = 99 - 100 A = 96 – 98 A- = 94 - 95

B+ = 91 – 93 B = 88 – 90 B- = 85 - 87

C+ = 82 – 84 C = 79 – 81 C- = 76 - 78

D+ = 74 -75 D = 72 - 73 D-=70 - 71

F= 0 – 69