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Jeremiah 29:11                                                                                                                      

Off Campus Homeschool Education Program

Friendship Christian now offers an Off Campus Homeschool program for families  who may need the flexibility of hours. One -on-one relationships with the Team Teacher, and real-time school events  combines the benefits of our traditional school FCA, with the flexibility and personalization of Off Campus Homeschool learning. From our structured on campus classes, Off Campus Homeschool is completed through Friendship Christian Academy individualized-graded assignments. When Off Campus Homeschool students coming to the campus for their weekly testing and to attend any events, uniform dress is required. An Off Campus ID badge will be issued for the purpose of on campus events.

Off Campus Homeschool Program offers homeschool parents an accredited umbrella that gives the parents a peace of mind in the transferring of homeschool to college.  FCA handles the record keeping and accountability of the students grades while the parent remains the lead teacher in the Homeschool program.  High school homeschool 11th-12th grades can also qualify for Dual College Credits while completing their high school courses.

Off Campus Homeschool is available for 3rd-12th grades. A syllabus is available for the 2018-2019 school year and works just like the college classes for the High School students. Grades 3rd-8th will have a scheduled assignment packet to track your child’s daily educatioal studies and assignments.  A complete guideline of subjects, assignments and due dates are written into the daily schedule and work load.  All grades will be the property of Friendship Christian Academy and Grade Reports will be issued same as the on- campus students, each 9 weeks.  Off Campus students will use the same quality, ABeka curriculum, as our on-campus students.

Enrolling in our Off Campus program gives freedom from the classroom, but places sole responsibility of each class and the work there in upon the student. To achieve the grades and work needed to do the syllabus, you must be faithful and diligent to the learning program. Set up an organized schedule, preferably 4-6 hours daily to allow sufficient time for each class. “Remember, it’s totally on you, if you slide in your lessons, so will the grades.”  The amount of time students spend on coursework can vary depending on the level of courses they are taking, their chosen electives, and the number of campus events in which they participate. Upon completing all high school coursework.   

We do not transition Off Campus Students to the on campus classroom during any school year. If Off Campus Students meet all qualifications to be in class on campus, we welcome them to pre-register for the next Fall school year for on campus classes.

Please contact us for a private consultation so that we can decide if this is a fit for your family. Call 662-838-4000 or email us at Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Friendship Christian is a Christ-centered college preparatory school  serving grades K3-12